How deep is an average breakfast bar?

How Deep is A Standard Breakfast Bar? The surface of the bar should be 24 inches deep. Any larger and it becomes difficult to reach across. A breakfast bar also requires an overhang.

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How shallow can a breakfast bar be?

Allow a 24 wide x 15 deep knee space for each seated diner at counter height (counters that are 36 high) and at least 15 of clear knee space (i.e., a 15 overhang). At bar height (counters that are 42 high), allow a 24 wide x 12 deep knee space for each seated diner and 12 of clear knee space (i.e., a 12 overhang).

How deep should a breakfast bar overhang be?

Therefore, as the depth of the overhang increases, so does the comfort and usability of the bar. A typical overhang for a comfortable seating area should be around 25-30cm (10-12), leaving enough knee room and adequate space between the countertop edge and the person seated.
What is standard bar depth?
Home bars typically have a depth of 15, while commercial bars typically have a depth of 25. Depth and width are used interchangeably when describing home and commercial bar sizes.

Of course, you can alter the size of your bar to suit the space you have available and your preferences, but bear in mind that the average home bar is 42 inches high and 24 inches deep when coming up with the design for your bar.
How deep is a kitchen bar top?
This will also depend on the type of seating you select and what kind of overhang is recommended so that your guests can sit comfortably at the bar with enough leg room. Bar counter depth can range from 16 to 20 inches deep, depending on your preference.
How long should a bar be for 3 stools?
Home experts advise allowing 28 to 30 inches for each seating area when figuring out how many stools will fit at your kitchen island, so you can divide the length of your islands counter by 30 to determine how many stools will fit comfortably.
What is depth of kitchen counter?
Having a standard depth countertop maximizes your space and improves the appearance of your kitchen, though this varies depending on appliance depths, room size, base cabinet size, and the backsplash details.2 Sept 2021
What is the average bar height?
Counter-height tables are typically between 34 and 36 inches tall, bar-height tables are typically between 40 and 42 inches tall, and standard dining-height tables are between 28 and 30 inches tall.
How wide is breakfast bar worktop?
Breakfast Bars We offer larger sizes through our made-to-measure worktop service. These worktops range in width from 900mm to 1240mm.

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How much space do you need around a breakfast bar?

He continues, Its also important to leave enough space, say 60cm/24in, between the breakfast bar and any wall behind it for easy access, and it can also be used as a barrier to keep kids and visitors out of your way while youre cooking. Curved edges are especially good at directing traffic around tight spaces.

How much does it cost to install a breakfast bar?

A leaner is a great way to make more of an outdoor space while creating an intimate, relaxing indoor area, says Rambhai. Prices start around $1,500.

What is the standard width of a kitchen bar?

The standards state that each person needs 24 inches (61 cm) of width and 12 inches (30 cm) of depth to eat comfortably. A kitchen eating bar is at the standard bar height of 42 inches (107 cm).

What are some bar layout guidelines?


  • 24 to 29 are needed for the back bar.
  • The back bar aisle should be between 31 and 37.
  • The underbar apparatus needs 24.
  • The bar top must overhang the inside face of the bar die by 11 and be between 24 and 30 deep.
  • For those seated at the bar, the customer activity zone is 24.

How big should a breakfast nook be?

Small circular breakfast nooks hugging a corner could fit 2 to 4 people with a space somewhere between 4 by 4 feet and 5 by 5 feet. Small, square breakfast nooks for 2 to 4 people to sit comfortably should at least have an area of 3 by 3 feet or 4 by 4 feet.

What size should a breakfast bar overhang?

The typical size of a breakfast bar overhang should be 18 inches to allow for enough leg room.16 September 2019

How wide is a breakfast counter?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer; in fact, varying counter heights may be the best way to meet the needs of different people. In order to provide an accessible kitchen, the counter workspace should be at least 30 inches wide and countertops are in the range of 28 to 34 inches above the floor.

How wide should a bar countertop be?

Commercial bar tops range from 20 to 28 inches in width, with a drink rail (or trough) on the server side of the bar. Drink rails are typically 3/4 inch deep by 4 inches wide. Home bar tops are typically between 12- to 16 inches wide.

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