What does it take to be a kitchen designer?

What does it take to be a kitchen designer?Applicants must have a degree from an interior design program and an extensive portfolio of your past remodeling work. You should also be proficient in design software, either a kitchen-specific program or computer-aided design tool such as AutoCAD. Familiarity with cabinet making and plumbing is also beneficial.

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This is absolutely true but to accomplish these tasks involves extensive experience (over 5 years), training, math skills, attention to detail, construction knowledge, product knowledge besides the all-important design eye. A kitchen designer has to be both analytical and creative, equal right brain and left brain.

Are kitchen designers in demand?

Kitchen designers were in high demand due to an increased interest in home remodeling and design. More affluent areas and neighborhoods should see the greatest demand for interior designers. Kitchen designers in particular usually must become an authority in this area, through certification or licensing.

How do kitchen designers make money?

Fees for a high-end kitchen designer can represent 8% to 10% of your project costs. The lower figure generally applies to more expensive projects\u2014those costing $127,000 or more. The national average for kitchen design services is $12,250, with the minimum range for an independent designer running from $1,500 to $3,000.

What do you call someone who designs kitchens?

Architects, interior designers, and kitchen designers all design kitchens. If you're already working with an architect or interior designer on your home project, you may choose to have that person design the kitchen as well.

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